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Minoti Vaishnav grew up in Mumbai, India to a doctor dad and journalist mom. As a child, she spent most evenings writing supernatural murder mystery fiction, but since writing about murder and demons was a bit too dark for her parents’ taste, they encouraged Minoti to channel her creative energy into something a little more socially acceptable – music. At 19, Minoti moved to Los Angeles on her own in the hopes of becoming a popstar...but after producing three indie albums and a viral music video, Minoti realized she still preferred murder to music. So she dropped her mic to become an investigative development producer, a job where she adapted declassified FBI, CIA and MI-5 intelligence files into television shows, chased down forgotten leads in cold cases, and interviewed many colorful characters, including paranormal investigators, astrologists, witches, UFO hunters, police detectives, and former FBI and CIA agents. Minoti’s television experience includes co-writing 6 episodes of History Channel’s HUNTING HITLER and development producing 17 unscripted shows including sci-fi shows like CONTACT and MYSTERY AT BLIND FROG RANCH for Discovery Channel, historical shows like RISE OF EMPIRES for Netflix, and paranormal shows like BURIED WORLDS and BELIEVERS for Travel Channel. She was a Staff Writer on the hit CBS show THE EQUALIZER starring Queen Latifah, and is currently staffed on TRUE LIES for CBS, Executive Produced by Matt Nix, with James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment, Anthony Hemmingway Productions, and McG also producing. 

Prior to her television career, Minoti worked in film, starting out as a researcher on the Emmy nominated HBO documentary AMERICAN WINTER. She served as the youngest President of the Alliance for Women in Media Southern California, a 68-year-old non-profit that works to advance the impact of women in media, while also running Prophecy Girl Films, a marketing, development and production company, where she


worked on several independent films including MY GUARDIAN ANGEL which premiered at the Festival de Cannes Court Métrage, LET THEM EAT CAKE, which is now streaming on Amazon Prime, and the multiple award winning short film DORIS, among other projects.


As an author and poet, Minoti has been published in 7 literary magazines and in 5 print anthologies (available on Amazon and at select Barnes and Nobles stores). She has a Masters degree in Creative Writing from the University of Oxford, where her thesis was a feature screenplay supervised by producers from BBC, ITV and Channel 4 UK. Minoti is also an alumna of the Paramount (CBS) Writers Mentoring Program. She can edit in Avid, speak six languages, and read tarot cards. But if you ask her to read your fortune, she might just make up fake predictions to freak you out. You have been warned.

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