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Hi. My name is Minoti Vaishnav. I’m a South Asian writer whose credits include TRUE LIES (CBS) and THE EQUALIZER (CBS).

Growing up in Mumbai, India, I spent my childhood watching American TV and penning supernatural murder mystery fiction. My dark tastes alarmed my doctor dad and journalist mom, so they encouraged me to channel my creative energy into something a little more socially acceptable – music. In pursuit of pop-stardom, I left my family behind in India at age 19, and moved to Los Angeles on my own. But three indie albums and a viral music video later, I realized I still preferred murder to music. So I dropped my mic to become an investigative documentary producer, a job where I adapted declassified FBI, CIA and MI-5 intelligence files into television shows, chased down leads in cold cases, and interviewed many colorful characters, including cryptid enthusiasts, paranormal investigators, astrologists, witches, UFO hunters, police detectives, and former FBI and CIA agents. After getting into the Paramount Writers Mentoring Program, I made the jump to scripted television writer.

I am also a short fiction author and poet, and have been published in a dozen literary magazines as well as in 5 print anthologies (available on Amazon and at select Barnes and Noble stores). I have a Masters degree in Creative Writing from Oxford University, can speak six languages, and can read tarot cards. But if you ask me to read your fortune, I might just make up fake predictions to freak you out. You have been warned.

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