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Knox follows Maggie Kim, a 17-year-old who goes viral with a scandalous “real life” social media diary on an Instagram-type platform under the fake name Cleone Knox. In order to keep up the ruse, Maggie must con the world into thinking she’s a 24-year-old, Manhattan fashionista instead of a high-school student from Queens. But as Cleone becomes more and more of an icon, Maggie realizes that being Cleone comes with scandalous consequences… consequences that if realized could mean the end of Maggie Kim, and the relentless continued existence of the cut-throat Cleone Knox. Based on the novel The Diary of a Young Lady of Fashion by Magdalen King Hall.

2023 Rideback Rise Fellowship Circle Member

The Secret Life of Samira Sen

Period piece/murder-mystery/serialized drama

In Victorian London, an Indian maid working for a wealthy family moonlights as an amateur detective, keeping crime in check while pursuing the one culprit that has continued to elude her...Jack the Ripper.  Based on the Short Story "To Catch a Ripper" by Minoti Vaishnav

2022 Finish Line Screenplay Competition Top 16

2021 BAFTA Breakthrough Top 30
2021 Tracking Board Launch Pad Competition Top 50

2021 Coverfly Top 3%

2021 Red List #13 Historical Drama

Crime/murder-mystery/serialized drama

When Romeo and Juliet are murdered in the small town of Stratford, Maine, detectives Othello ‘Theo’ Michaels and Desmona ‘Mona’ Duke are determined to solve the case. But when more murders occur and Mona is the prime suspect, Theo must figure out if his most trusted ally is really a killer...or the town’s only savior.

2022 The Orchard Episodic Lab Finalist
2020 Staffed on The Equalizer with this sample.



When 90% of the passengers on board a cruise ship mysteriously drop dead, the survivors must work together to figure out what happened all while encountering bizarre attacks and uncovering lost secrets...including a mysterious incident that connects them to the reason everyone died.

2022 Tracking Board Launch Pad Competition Top 100
2021 Women's Weekend Film Challenge Pilot Accelerator Semi-Finalist

2019 Catalyst Content Festival Semi-Finalist (Drama Category)

2018 HRTS + NYTVF Pilot Competition Winner (Drama Category)

2017 ISA Emerging Screenwriter's Competition Winner

Killing Me Softly
Murder-mystery musical/superhero

Killing Me Softly is a supernatural musical series that follows Lara Gold, a small town girl with the special ability to make people sing their truth (in full-on musical style) as she teams up with local detective Sam Randall (who has his own superpower to raise the dead) in order to solve a series of mysterious slayings in town...including the murder of Lara's own sister.
2020 CBS Writers Mentoring Program Fellow

Double Cross
Action-comedy/period piece

Based on true events, Double Cross is an action comedy that follows a group of eccentric MI-5 agents and ex-Nazi spies as they fight together to stop a dangerous weapons operation that could change the fate of the world.

2022 Staffed on True Lies with this sample

2021 Support.Her Mentorship Program Finalist 
2019 CAPE New Writers Fellowship Finalist,
2018 Final Draft's Big Break Semi-Finalist 
2018 Austin Film Festival Second Rounder

The Lux

The Lux follows two physically identical women, Zara in the 1960's, and Parker in the present day, who are bound together by a supernatural fate – they’re both demon hunters. A rise in demonic activity prompts them to activate their other-worldly abilities, bringing them closer to each other...and to shocking answers about their lineage and destinies.
2018 Breakthrough Reading Series Selection

2016 Creative World Awards Semi-Finalist


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: Forgive & Forget
Season 7

2020 CBS Writers Mentoring Program Fellow
2020 WB Writers Workshop Semi-Finalist

Season 4

2018 NBC Writers on the Verge Semi-Finalist


Cheryl McCarthy's Death Day Party
Dark Comedy

When 76-year-old Cheryl McCarthy finds out she has cancer, she decides to plan an extravagant death day party to celebrate her departure from this earth. Juxtaposed with memories of her life and all the funerals she's been to, Cheryl's party brings together estranged family, close friends, and old lovers, making everyone realize that life isn't ever what you think it will be...and neither is death.

2023 1492 Feature Lab Finalist

2017 Sundance Screenwriters Lab Second Rounder

Double Cross: Ikarus
Action-adventure/period piece

Based on true events, Double Cross is an action comedy that follows a group of eccentric MI-5 agents and ex-Nazi spies as they fight together to stop a dangerous weapons operation that could change the fate of the world.
2020 Written as a part of University of Oxford's MSt in Creative Writing Program

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