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I just posted a Kickstarter update that I’m going to copy here. In case you’re wondering, I picked March 4th because it’s my mothers birthday :)


If you haven't alreay seen the Kickstarter update, here it is:

Hello everyone,

I’m working very hard to get this album out as soon as possible. The tentative release date at the moment is March 4th 2013!

Over the month of March, I’ll be putting together everyones reward prize packets and mailing them out. For those who chose the Tarot reading option, look for an email from me around the end of this month. I’ll be contacting you to schedule a Skype date/time.

For those who chose the sneak preview of the first single as a reward – you only have to wait 2 weeks! I’m trying to get the songs to sound as good as possible before I send the album out for distribution.

If you haven’t already, check out my official website at for more updates and news about the album.

Thanks everyone!

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