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Hi everyone,

I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund screenplay festival submission for my scripts. You can find the campaign here.


Most people know me as a singer/songwriter. While I love creating music, writing for film and television is something I’ve wanted to pursue since I was a child. I started writing my first sitcom at age 14. At age 18, I studied the craft of writing for film under Academy Award® nominee Tom Abrams. A few years later, I graduated with a degree in Screenwriting at California State University Northridge. I then went on to work in different aspects of film, including outreach on the Emmy® nominated HBO documentary American Winter, composing music and coordinating outreach for the documentary film Let Them Eat Cake, and event production for the International Documentary Association where I received my first writers assistant credit for the 28th Annual IDA Documentary Awards. Recently, my screenplays have been selected at The Beverly Hills Film Festival and the Creative World Awards.

I’m a big believer in getting out there and pursuing your dreams no matter what. I grew up in Mumbai, India and moved to Los Angeles on my own as a teenager when I knew no one here, all because I wanted to pursue my dreams. I strongly believe in supporting independent art and artists. I believe that if we are truly passionate, talented, determined, and make an effort to engage with those around us, we will get great support from within our community.

The entertainment industry is all about nepotism and favoritism. I say – to hell with that! Let’s put go-getters and hard workers forward. Let’s put people who are actually trying to make it on their own forward. I got into festivals because I finished and polished screenplays, and then took the time to send them out. That’s why I’ve come up with this Kickstarter project – to try and raise some money for me to continue getting my work into more festivals.But this project is not just about me. It’s about supporting independent artists. If you support any kind of artists who are working hard to make it out there on their own, show the world that they you support them by SHARING this project on social media. If I can show that I can succeed, then so can any other artists who have the determination to do the same.

Please support my efforts by pledging or by sharing my campaign. Thanks!

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