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Today, August 1st 2015, is the 8 year anniversary of my move to the United States. I have always wanted to work in film & television, but music has also been a great love of mine, which is why 4 years later on August 1st 2010, I released my first album “The Fictional Truth”. 5 years after that, today, I’m happy to announce that I will be releasing my third album “Mix It Up” on September 8th, 2015. This will also probably be my last album.

My musical journey has been a great one! Songs from “The Fictional Truth” had already played on before its release, with “Psychologist” in particular getting thousands of downloads. This led me to record my second album “Secret Garden”, where I sang, wrote and produced all the songs myself. Even with the low-production quality, songs from that album played on the radio in the Bay Area, Philadelphia, Miami, multiple stations in the UK, in Canada and Denmark, placing in the top ten on several smaller radio charts. The album is still available worldwide – from Greece to Japan, and I was featured in numerous newspapers, blogs and on podcasts for my work. While my musical journey has been a tremendous one, “Mix It Up” will probably be my last album. I do love making music. But producing and sound engineering my music on my own was never part of my plan, and I am now investing my time and money into writing and working in film & television like I always wanted. I wanted to finish my musical journey with “Mix it Up” because I believe it’s the best album yet with the strongest production value yet. The album features remixes of old favorites (including a remastered version of everyone’s favorite - “Psychologist”), a live version of another old favorite (wait till release day to find out which one), two collaborations with Erik McCall (these songs sound fab) and a whole bunch of originals. The album will be available worldwide online on September 8th 2015.

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